Top Tips to Consider before hiring a Tarmac Company in Scotland

When it comes to laying tarmac it is not an easy task to be completed alone. It is very intricate work laying tarmac as it the substance is meant to last permanently. However, it is important to remember that for your tarmac to last it is best to consult and hire a professional tarmac company to complete this task.
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Tarmac Company – What is Tarmac

Tarmac is also known as Macadam which is the process of smaller aggregates being bonded together. This type of surfacing material has been around for many years and was invented by John MacAdam back in the 19th century. Most argue that tarmac originated back in 3000BC where the Chinese used a form of Macadam. However, MacAdam was mainly involved with developing tarmac using primarily tar-based macadams. Used for paving, tarmac is a bituminous substance which ca also be referred as Asphalt in the construction industry. It is made up of broken stone and tar. An experience tarmac company will mix this combination, shape the mixture, lay it on the desired surface and even it out. The mixture is then set by using machines such as steamrollers to flatten out the tarmac.

Tarmac company

How to Choose a Tarmac Company

Choosing a tarmac company can be a difficult task as some companies are not qualified and run illegally. Below we have tips on how to choose the right tarmac company.

Assess the Company

To make sure you choose the right tarmac company always ask to see the companies accreditation and qualifications. A genuine company will be happy to provide evidence of this. Make sure that the company is authorised to carry out the work safe and legally. If you hire a company that does not have the proper credentials or qualifications it may leave your property at risk.

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Assess recent jobs

Don’t feel afraid to ask your tarmac company about previous jobs or clients they have worked with. By seeing their previous work will allow you to have peace of mind and feel confident in the work they will carry out for you and your property. Carefully assess their work as flaws will appear over time.

Reputable Trade Associations

Most reputable tarmac contractors and companies in construction in generally are members of the trade organisation. By being a member it does prove that they are genuine companies and will not disappear after completing a bad job. It may not guarantee the quality of the job but proves they are an established company to hire.