Challenges Facing The Catering/Hospitality Industries

The catering and hospitality industries currently face a stack of different issues which need to be tackled in order for them to operate effectively. Lets look at the main challenges that they are facing and the different ways in which they can be tackled overall. The Current State Of The Industry When looking at the current state of the hospitality and catering industries , it is easy to see why some businesses are struggling to make headway within their industry.…

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How to Use Social Media to Strategically for Your Business

There are conducted studies that revealed the average person will spend 5 years and 4 months on social media during their lifetime. Naturally this fact is terrifying for the average person however business owners and managers can use this information to their advantage. This figure highlights a positive opportunity for businesses worldwide to market their services on free media platforms that are a crucial part of your customer’s every day routine. When you realise the average person is on social…

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