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Everybody would like to have good teeth and the best smiles, but even after taking care of your teeth something may still go wrong and find yourself with a missing tooth. This may be caused by an accident or worse still an extensive infection. A dentist may also recommend removal of a tooth if it is decayed and cannot be repaired. This can be a bad moment for you especially if you had a perfect set of teeth.

This lowers your confidence and minimises your interaction with other people. However, all is not lost as any tooth can be replaced through several ways.
Dental implants are metal devices that look like posts or frames that are fitted surgically into your jawbone surgically. When they are put in place, the dentist fits a replacement tooth onto them. They work like roots that secure the teeth into the jawbone. Dental implants help secure dentures and bridges making them feel more natural and comfortable. Unlike ordinary bridges, they do not have to be attached to the adjacent teeth as they are attached directly to the jawbone. This ensures that the implants don’t shift or move during eating and speaking.

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Advantages of dental implants

The following are some of the main advantages of having implants.

1. Comfort – When compared to removable dentures, they are more comfortable as they are attached t you, therefore they are part of you. They are also secured making them feel like ordinary teeth.

2. Durability – The implants are made to be permanent and will last many years if they are properly taken care of.

3. Improved confidence – The implants are made to look like natural teeth, therefore, help you feel better about your appearance.

4. Convenient – Implants are not removable, unlike dentures. This eliminates the need to remove them and the need for the adhesives needed to keep them in place.

5. Improved speech and eating – Implants are screwed or fixed into the jawbone, therefore, they don’t move when you are eating or talking like the temporary dentures. They also make eating painless and just like natural teeth, you can eat all types of food that you like.

6. They help keep your jawbone healthy – If you lose more teeth, the jawbone wears off and deteriorates leaving you with a sunken face. Dental implants stimulates natural bone growth just like normal teeth helping you retain your natural face structure.
There are two types of implants that are commonly used by dentists.

7. Endosteal implants – An implant is surgically fitted into the jawbone and when the gum heals a post is surgically connected to the first implant and an artificial tooth fitted to the post.

8. Subperiosteal implants – A metal frame is fitted on the jawbone below the gum and as the gum heals back it becomes fixed to the jaw. The artificial teeth are then fitted onto the posts that protrude through the gum tissue.
To receive implants you must have healthy gum and enough jawbone to support the dental implant and regular check-ups are important if you want the implants to last longer. However, you should seek advice from a qualified dentist for your particular problem.

Dental Implants Glasgow

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