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The World And Nature

We are learning to be one with nature so that we may feel what it feels like to be one with nature. Why do we feel so alienated from nature when all creation comes from Her? To understand we must know ourselves and each other. The mindful and attuned mind is the means to better understand spirit and to connect to all the parts of our being. The thoughtful mind is an instrument she gives us to see so that we can see ourselves through the eyes of others. Through the learning and your own understanding from this corporeal life we rotate around embodied Everness.

Since we happen to be alive, we must find purpose, meaning, and love here and now. To do this, we must become the essence of all sustaining life. To do this in the deepest case, we must break free spirit from our fear of death. By being fearless of loneliness and all the ups and downs that share us, we gain the capacity to love.

You can see the essence of all creatures and forms at this very moment, your home. We are the subjects of the universal mind changing into infinite manifestation. Through reading through Zizek’s work and other work from kindred spirits who understand the essence of life, we find interest and dissatisfaction all around us which are manifested in manifesting form.

If deep down, you are wondering what your self is, and why you are here, you are searching for answers about the truest relationship of humans to the world around them. Awareness can also be obtained through negation. Through writing, thinking, thinking, we expand our personal field of vision to see the world as it actually is. The result is that your innate life of being is so powerful that you can see all beings, nature,, magic, time, and chaos in your mind’s eye and can get stupefied by it. This personal enhancement of mind also means that you can easily recognize sacred objects, such as gemstones that you have already learned to recognize as such, and sufficient proof that they truly are.

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