How Damp Specialists Can Improve Living Conditions

For many of us across the UK living in a property with some issues is just an everyday fact of life. The British stiff upper lip mantra helps to play into this and prevent some people from complaining to their landlords or to the owner of the property about the condition that it is in. However this could be detrimental to their health in the long run and in this article we will look at the effects damp specialists can have on a property and the difference they can make.

How Do Property Issues Occur?

Property issues can happen for a number of different reasons. However one of the most prevalent reasons for property issues is neglect. Neglect normally occurs as a landlord has failed to properly maintain a property and this means that the property can fall into disrepair and lead to a number of conditions that damage the property overall. One of the most difficult issues to tackle is that of rising or penetrating damp. This normally occurs when damp rises up through the walls and into the ceiling.

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There are a number of different affects that rising damp can have on a property. One of the most dangerous effects it can have is weakening the property structure. Over time if left untreated a property could become unstable and eventually become uninhabitable. Another reason for property issues occurring is simply the location of a property. Some properties are more prone to rising damp than others. For example if a property is located near a river or in an area prone to rain it may be more susceptible to rising damp.

damp specialists

Why Damp Specialists Are Important

As previously mentioned some of the most serious and prevalent property issues can involve the build up of damp within a property. In order to prevent this from occurring one of the most effective ways to prevent this is the use of a damp specialist. Damp specialists have a set of unique expertise through which they can prevent damp build up and also damp proof a property to prevent it from happening again in the future. A side effect of excessive damp build up is mould growth. This occurs when damp or condensation within a property is present on the inside of the property. Mould can damage a property and also releases harmful spores into the air within a property which can damage peoples health and lead to respiratory conditions.

How To Protect Your Property

As well as the use of damp specialists there are a number of other things that you can do in order to improve your property overall. One of these changes that you could make is changing the windows on the property. Changing the windows to double glazing can help to prevent damp and condensation build up and also improve heat retention overall within the property. A further change that could be made to your property is basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing is another method that can be used to prevent damp build up from occurring in the first instance.

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