Gluten Free Restaurants Glasgow | Living With Coeliac Disease

It can be murder trying to live your life with Coeliac Disease. The everyday struggles that can be faced can get infuriating. There are so many examples that will be very relatable to the Coeliac sufferers among us. From trying to find gluten free restaurants Glasgow, to feeling perpetually judged, it can be a pain.

We’ve collated five of the most relatable problems that Coeliac sufferers face. Read on to find out whether you can understand our pain.

Having to explain the disease to everyone you meet…

One of the worst problems that Coeliac sufferers face, is having to explain themselves. “What even is gluten?” or “What happens if you eat gluten?”

It’s not hard to do a quick Google search. This will tell you all you need to know about Coeliac disease. Anyway, I shouldn’t have to explain my diet to anyone. If people are genuine and open, it is great to educate your fellow peers but please stop asking inane questions.

Trying to find accommodating gluten free restaurants Glasgow.

Living in Glasgow, it used to be very difficult to find gluten free restaurants Glasgow, or at least one that served more gluten free options than just a salad. Luckily nowadays there are places like Dakhin. This authentic South Indian restaurant is genuinely 100% gluten free and the food is delicious. Win-win!

Gluten Free Restaurants Glasgow

Feeling like you’re being judged when you have to say ‘gluten-free please’.

If you’ve ever had to request your meal be gluten free then you will know what I mean. The waiters feel the need to double check. Sometimes the chef even sends them back out to ask if it’s an allergy or a fad diet. Why should I tell you? However, I also don’t want to be ill for the rest of the day so this is something we’ll have to put up with.

The cost of gluten free bread!

Gluten free bread. That little treat to make us feel normal in our cake and pastry free life. It would be so much better if it wasn’t a fiver and never quite the right texture. Some supermarkets like Tesco are making efforts to try and provide us with cheaper options but still. Outrageous.

Gluten Free Restaurants GlasgowPeople using a gluten free diet as a weight-loss miracle cure…

This might be the most frustrating thing we experience. People who go gluten-free in the name of a fad diet are ruining it for the rest of us. Gluten free food is often loaded with fats and sugars to replace the protein that gluten would have provided. This is why gluten free restaurants Glasgow have been balled in with hipster vegan Cafés and similar. Overall very infuriating.