The Best Facelift Scotland Treatments

Scotland is no longer known for its beautiful scenery, cuisine and culture – it is also known for ist beautiful faces.

These days, cosmetic surgery is no longer something which patients are choosing to keep secret. The Scots can’t get enough of it! This has been an excellent time for Facelift Scotland doctors as figures have shown that face and neck lift surgery has risen by a mighty 16%! There has also been a rise in aesthetics training, proving that Scot’s are skilled when it comes to plastic surgery!

These days facelifts and cosmetic surgery are not categorised as a female only treatment and statistics have risen for both sexes. Do these statistics prove that the Scots are aiming to be a more youthful nation?

Eye Lift Scotland

Many patients do not want a whole facelift and often choose an upper eyelid surgery that can be performed under local anaesthetic. During this procedure, your doctor will remove a small strip of skin. If you are slightly squeamish, then do not be afraid a special machine is the used to stop any bleeding.

The eye lift Scotland treatment can be completed in less than an hour and normally takes about 30-40 minutes to do both sides. It also looks incredibly natural as the scars are hidden in the natural crease of the upper eyelid. (Source

Some patients after the treatment do experience some bruising and swelling, however, this should go down fairly quickly, leaving you with a smoother, younger looking complexion.

eye lift scotland

Facelift Scotland

Facelift Scotland surgeon, Dr. Darren McKeown says that his Glasgow plastic surgery clinic has never been this busy. He says that procedures are now in high demand due to such natural results: “the scars are hidden in the natural crease in front of the ear and within the ear itself, as well as behind the ear and into the hairline. Over time the scars should be virtually undetectable.”

Pain is also no longer an issue. As it now extremely common that face and neck lift surgery is performed under local anesthetic, sedation or general anaesthetic. If the pain of a cosmetic treatment has put you off in the past this is no longer an issue. At Dr Darren’s clinic he understands that each patient is unique and their requirements are taken into consideration before the surgery goes ahead.

Facelift Glasgow Treatments

Before the treatment is started, every patient is injected with some fluid that will reduce the amount of bleeding. As well as bruising, once the operation is completed. Research should be completed before choosing a trusted surgeon is incredibly important. Make sure that you are reading reviews and are taken in for a consultation before any your Facelift Scotland treatment.

The doctor will make an incision in front of the ear, behind the back of the ear and some cases into the hair-bearing scalp which lies behind the ear. Facelifts should be completed by a surgeon that is experienced. As they will also need to work on the muscle layer under the skin.

Plastic surgery is complex as the muscle is lifted, trimmed, and finally sewn back, leaving a more youthful position. If you are unsure about anything, make sure that you ask your surgeon. They should be more than happy to help you.