Rural UK Holidays

The hustle and bustle of life can be overwhelming. the city life can be loud and busy, full if rushing people. If you are one of those people, always in a hurry working away. You deserve a tranquil rural holiday in the UK. Get away from everyone for a few days and relax in the great outdoors that the UK has to offer. Rural holidays are also perfect to bring your pets along. Bring your beloved dog can make your holiday special and give you an excuse to get out and about in the stunning countryside.


Sussex is a beautiful location for a rural UK holiday. Located in the stunning south of England you are definitely going to find a quiet retreat. With plenty of fun activated to do, this location offers walkers a real challenge. With a vast stretch to cover, the South Downs Way provides a great walking experience.

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The area stretches nearly 100 miles from Winchester to Eastbourne and is not be to taken lightly. The walk can be done in sections if doing in it one is not for you. You can do it in 7.5-mile stretches, starting from Harting Downs car park finishing at the charming parish of Cocking. The car park is above the timeless village of South Harting; most walkers visit the village for lunch before starting the walk.
The walk consists of stunning views and open farms. With a pub in the middle of the walk, there is always time for a light refreshment.


The sleepy county of Hampshire would be a great location for a rural holiday. It is located on the southern coast of England, meaning that during the summer months the weather is lovely and warm. The county of Hampshire’s town in Winchester. Where you can find amazing local shops and tea rooms.
Hampshire has a variety of outdoor activities at its fingertips that you can enjoy on your rural holiday. One of the main attraction in Hampshire is the Hangers. It is 323 acres of woodland and beech hanger, which offers sweeping views of the Hampshire countryside. This area was also home to the poet Edward Thomas and his wife. You can delve into the history of Hampshire while enjoying the stunning scenery.
The Hangers offers a gentle 6-mile walk that takes you from the tiny parish of Empshott through woodland and across open pastures past Hawkley Hanger, through the medieval hamlet of Oakshott, past Shoulder of Mutton Hill and down into Steep.

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Wales has to offer some enchanting countryside in the UK. The black mountains in Wales are a great attraction for those looking for a rural UK holiday. The black mountains are the nearest mountains from the capital. They are one of the prettiest spots in South Wales.
The mountains are also home to a variety of different animals and wildlife. There are numerous different species of bird in the area that can be spotted all over the mountains, including red kites, ravens and skylarks. Foxes and badgers are also common in the mountains. Pied wagtails are also common near the streams and torrents running from the hill tops.