Keeping Fit In Scotland

We are now working more hours of the day than ever before. From sunrise to sundown, London’s professionals are chained to their desk. This type of stress can begin to take its toll on us, that is why it is important that we get the gym every once in a while.

Fit in Your Morning Work Out

London has been voted as one of the busiest cities in the world, which means that its residents are constantly working or on their feet. Which means the only answer is to work all day, gym all night!

Professionals can now jump on the treadmill no matter what time of day it is. Would you like to hit the gym before your working day begins? Generally, 24-hour fitness gyms have spaces for you to shower and change so you can feel fresh before your shift.

Hitting the gym in the morning can be extremely beneficial for you. By going to the gym in the morning you will go through “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumptions (EPOC)”. This means that your body will burn more burn more calories after your workout.

Studies have shown that by going to the gym in the morning you will burn an extra 190 calories in the 14 hours after you have exercised.

Exercise and De-Stress

Fitting in exercise into your busy schedule is vital. If you are feeling more stressed than usual, cutting out the gym is not the answer, as exercise is an excellent stress reliever.

If have never been a member of a gym, then you are not reaping the emotional benefits that can be gained from exercise.

Exercise can help us in a number of ways, but most importantly, it helps us to increase our brain’s production of endorphins – which make us feel happier!

There is a reason why we feel better after going to the gym. These endorphins make us feel better physically and emotionally and most people achieve this after just one workout.

Switch Off and Go For It

Throughout the day we are bombarded by emails, texts, notifications, and calls. Scottish gyms are encouraging users to switch off from work completely and focus on themselves for just an hour or two.

Use Your Membership

Staying committed to your workout routine is paramount in seeing any sort of results. It won’t happen overnight, but showing up to your gym just a few days a week could help focus your fitness goals and achieve the results you so desperately want to see. Whether it’s weight loss, conditioning, cardio or strength, sticking to a routine and sticking to a schedule is what achieves any sort of fitness goal. Being consistent is the key so leave the excuses at the front door and get down to work on your fitness targets.