Furniture in Glasgow You Must Buy for Your Holiday Home

If you are decorating your west coast holiday home take a visit to Glasgow furniture store Modish. We have checked out some of their most unique pieces that would make a stunning addition to your seaside home.

Bedroom Furniture Glasgow

You may not spend a lot of time in your holiday home bedroom, however, it should be an area where you can rest and recoup while you are out of the city. A comfortable night’s sleep at your holiday home location is vital, as a good sleep will help you start the day early which means you will get more time at the beach.

Modish recommend that you add the vital finishing touches to your bedroom to give it that Instagram-worthy feel. From soft furnishings to vanity dressers, make sure that your bedroom is fit for a king and queen.

Before you go ahead with purchasing, Modish recommend that your bedroom furniture “tells a story about you”. Whether you are looking for a soft, classic feel or a more modern getaway location – Modish furniture Glasgow have everything you need.

Sofas In Glasgow

Whatever your preference is, you will find all that you need at Glasgow Furniture store Modish. They offer both luxurious and stylish sofas at great prices. Before you visit the Bedroom Furniture Glasgow store, browse through their catalogue of leather and fabric sofas online.

Fabric sofas look great in holiday homes and conservatory areas. If you are looking to lighten up a room, choose a lighter colour sofa which you can change around with patterned and coloured cushions.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table can really make or break a room. If you are looking to purchase a coffee table for your new holiday home, furniture brand Modish say that “you need a coffee table that will match its surroundings”.

These days you have the option of glass, marble, wooden and even slate coffee tables. Whether you have a holiday home in Largs or Aviemore, your coffee table is a centerpiece and should be used to tell visitors a bit about the character of your home.

Wooden Flooring Glasgow

Hardwood flooring is an excellent option for holiday home owners as it is extremely low maintenance. Hardwood flooring can also be changed with rugs and fabrics, which makes it an excellent long-term investment.

Laminate or wooden flooring? If you are looking for the most cost-effective option, then Laminate comes out on top against hardwood flooring. In most cases, hardwood flooring is made from natural materials such as oak and maple, which can be more expensive to source.

wooden flooring glasgow

As laminate is a synthetic material it is a lot cheaper to buy and fit. Compared to a carpet and wooden floor, laminate tends to be easier to maintain. The composition of laminate means that it is protected from spillages and stains – making it a great choice for holiday homes and pet owners.

How can you keep your laminate flooring looking fresh? Make sure you are semi-regular sweeping or vacuuming your holiday home’s laminate floor.