Furniture in Glasgow You Must Buy for Your Holiday Home

If you are decorating your west coast holiday home take a visit to Glasgow furniture store Modish. We have checked out some of their most unique pieces that would make a stunning addition to your seaside home.

Bedroom Furniture Glasgow

You may not spend a lot of time in your holiday home bedroom, however, it should be an area where you can rest and recoup while you are out of the city. A comfortable night’s sleep at your holiday home location is vital, as a good sleep will help you start the day early which means you will get more time at the beach.

Modish recommend that you add the vital finishing touches to your bedroom to give it that Instagram-worthy feel. From soft furnishings to vanity dressers, make sure that your bedroom is fit for a king and queen.

Before you go ahead with purchasing, Modish recommend that your bedroom furniture “tells a story about you”. Whether you are looking for a soft, classic feel or a more modern getaway location – Modish furniture Glasgow have everything you need. Continue reading “Furniture in Glasgow You Must Buy for Your Holiday Home”

The Best Holiday Home Breaks UK


The easy option for many is to choose a hotel when they are going on a UK break.  Hotels may have everything you need under one roof, but renting as holiday home can give you a real insight into how the locals live.

This is not the only benefit of renting a holiday home, cottages and lodges can be much more private and are great for romantic getaways. Are you considering booking up a UK break this summer? Take a short break to one of these popular UK destinations. Continue reading “The Best Holiday Home Breaks UK”

Summer Breaks in The UK


When it comes to the much-awaited summer holiday there is no need to leave the lovely British Isles. Britain has great summer locations that would make the perfect summer holiday. There is no nicer time to visit these glorious locations than during the brilliant summer months. This year stay at home and visit some of the best locations Britain has to offer!  Continue reading “Summer Breaks in The UK”

Rural UK Holidays

The hustle and bustle of life can be overwhelming. the city life can be loud and busy, full if rushing people. If you are one of those people, always in a hurry working away. You deserve a tranquil rural holiday in the UK. Get away from everyone for a few days and relax in the great outdoors that the UK has to offer. Rural holidays are also perfect to bring your pets along. Bring your beloved dog can make your holiday special and give you an excuse to get out and about in the stunning countryside. Continue reading “Rural UK Holidays”